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Well, probably you wander what is this site all about. It's quite simple. is a hosted script that lets you integrate the results from a Pay Per Click Search Engine (or PPC SE) and get paid for each click on those search results.

I guess that you've seen lots of sites that say something like;
"Insert our search box on your page and get paid for each click on a search result."

This is great but there is one major problem. When surfers enter a keyword in the search box, they leave your page and you lose them as visitors because the search box leads the surfer to the PPC SE web page.

Here comes (remember it as Virtual Search Engine).
We let you display the same search results you get paid for but without the surfer leaving your page. This is possible because some of the Pay Per Click Search Engines export their search result in a special XML format that can be integrated seamlessly into your page.

How it works:

1. You sign up for the search engine we work for -, using this link. Make sure that you sign using exactly this link. This way you'll become our sub-affiliate and we'll get credit from your future income. is the Pay Per Click Search Engine that is going to provide you with the search feeds.
2. Sign up for the service using this form. You can do it in less then a minute. Of course, we'll check if you are our Firstbookmark sub-affiliate but you can start using our system right away.
3. Once you get your login data you may start to build your search result sites. You'll have total control over the layout of the pages with the search result. They will still be hosted on our server but they won't look any different from your own pages. The surfer might not even notice that he is going out of your domain. Once he's done with the searching (and having done some money for you), he'll probably go back to your site. You can get a glimpse at our members area here.

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