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Is this a standalone service?
No! First you need to sign up for pay per click search engine. We integrate their XML search feeds into your site.

Are these services free?
Both and are FREE services. But if you want to use you have to sign up for as our sub-affiliate.

Who can join?
Anyone! Of course, sites linking to or containing warez, stolen credit cards and passwords, child porn, animal porn, racist, nazi, hatred and any other kind of illegal content is strictly prohibited. Your account will be deleted and you'll be reported to the authorities.

Do I need to know programming in order to use your service?
No! We've tried to make things as simple as possible. However you'll need to know HTML in order to build your templates but I wouldn't call HTML programming.

Can I use your service on more than one site?
Yes! Your account comes with three templates. This means that you can make three different designs for the search results sites. Of course, you can call your search result sites from whatever you want. If you need more than three templates, just contact us. We'll set up a new account for you and you'll have three more templates.

Do you allow adult sites to use your service?
Yes. Any legal adult site can participate. The only requirement is that you have to indicate it in a drop box in your search result templates. As long as there are 3 templates per account, you can have both adult and non adult sites.

Can I click on the search results and send fake traffic in order to make more money?
No! Clicks have to be sent only from real surfers. Do not try to motivate them in any direct way to click search results. No search exchanges, etc. If you are found cheating, will cancel your account. Please refer to their FAQ for details.

How do I sign up?
First you have to sign up for as our sub-affiliate. Use this link.
After that you can use our sign up form.

Can I get a glimpse at your members' area?
Sure. Click here for a screenshot. By the way, this is our help-file.

Ok, I've built my template but when I call it, the images don't show.
Well, as long as we are generating only the HTML for your search result pages, you need to host your images somewhere else and hotlink them from your template. Check first if the paths to the images are correct. The other problem might be that some of the free hosts do not allow hotlinking. Then you need to find a place that allows hotlinking in order to store your images and load them from there.

Help! I've lost my password!
Don't panic. Click here.

I can't find the answer to my question.
No problem at all. Use our feedback form and we'll get in touch.

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